Going Responsive

Responsive design is a way to make websites work both on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, without having to create a separate site for each of them. Something had to happen with my site to make it more mobile-friendly, and I’ve decided to “go responsive” with this site for several reasons: The percentage of mobile visitors is increasing steadily, so…


Submitted on 9 June 2013

How to Ensure that Visitors Always See Cached Pages in Drupal 7

All the standard caching options of my Drupal 7 site are enabled. I expected those mechanisms to ensure that the access to a cached page would always be quick, both for human visitors and for web spiders like Googlebot. However, for a small site, this is not so. The Drupal caching mechanism does not work as you might expect. For me, there is a clear difference between…


Submitted on 21 January 2013

Skirmish with Spam

I was going to call this article War on Spam. But, given how well my experiments went, I had to retitle it Skirmish with Spam. Lately, the number of spam attempts has risen so much that even Mollom lets through enough spam to get me a bit miffed. So, I decided to go “old school”… I was going to add math problems of increasing difficulty until…


Submitted on 22 December 2012