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This article is a wrap-up of what happened on in 2018.

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This article is a wrap-up of what happened on in 2017.

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Randomness Explains Flat Tire Anecdotes Perfectly Well

Figure 2. First five simulated periods of 30 years.

Flat tires are random events. However, it seems that the human mind expects random events to be more regular than they actually are. This intuition on randomness might lead to the feeling that your own experience is somehow unexpected or strange, with anecdotes such as “my uncle seems to never have any flats, but my sister had three in the last year alone”. This is related…


Submitted on 22 January 2017
Radio Meteor Zoo

If you’ve enjoyed, or simply read, my articles on the BRAMS network, you might be interested in the Radio Meteor Zoo. The Radio Meteor Zoo is a so-called citizen science project. In these kinds of projects, members of the public can help scientists with…

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Say yes to HTTPS! As of today, my sites ( and require HTTPS. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP (the Hypertext Transfer Protocol), the protocol that your browser uses to show you a website…

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