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This QR code generator is meant to demonstrate the correct way to add color to a QR code. The reasoning behind this is explained in Color QR Codes Done Right. The color selectors do not allow to select from all possible colors, only colors that Fade to Gray. This is exactly the point that this demonstrator is trying to make: if you limit yourself to a subset of all available colors, you can create QR codes that perform just as well as codes that use only a single color for the “black” and “white” elements. The tool is limited to adding a colored logo at this time, although you could create a QR code with a two-color gradient by crafting a “logo” with a grayscale gradient in it.

QR code QR code combined with logo

No errors.


If you upload your own logo, compare its size with the generated QR code (132×132 pixels by default). The logo does not need to have the same size as the QR code, but it will be cropped or extended with whitespace if it hasn’t. You probably will have to change either the size of the logo or the size of the QR code to get the result that you want. Logo files can be in png, gif, or jpeg format, although jpeg is not recommended, since it uses lossy compression. All output images are in png format.

The first color (as specified above) will be used for the black pixels of the logo, the second color for the white ones. Gray levels between black and white result in colors taken from a gradient that changes smoothly from the first to the second color. Color logos will be converted to grayscale (taking human perception into account) before being used by the tool.

The images that you create with this tool are not visible to other visitors of this site (or to anyone else, for that matter). Please save the resulting images to your computer if you want to keep them, they will periodically be removed from the server to free up space.

If you feel there’s something missing in this tool, or if there’s something I could add to make it more useful to you, do let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This tool is made available in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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