Introducing Clippy!

Exciting news! I’ve decided to introduce the world-famous Clippy to improve the interactivity of this site. After all, who am I to doubt the wisdom of Microsoft when they introduced it as the friendly helper that it is, and that already in 1997. You might be skeptical about this, but trust me, it’ll be cool!

I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll go for the classic Clippy character or for Links the cat. You can try Links if you want. Let me know which one you prefer! You can move Clippy and Links around with your mouse, and you can make them “do stuff” by double-clicking them. They just do random things (some with sound!) at this time, but soon they’ll help you out all over the site. Stay tuned!

[update] This was an April Fools’ joke, posted on 1 April 2014… The web version of Clippy was created by the good folks at Smore.


Submitted by Tom Roelandts on 1 April 2014

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