Pi Day 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Today is 3/14 in month/day notation, and \(\pi\approx 3.14\). My daughter Noor (8) and I felt like releasing yet another image of \(\pi\) into the world, in addition to all the existing images. We made this using Hama beads.

Pi using Hama beadsPi using Hama beads

Today is a good occasion for playing with the pi search engine. It allows searching for any number in the first 2 billion digits of \(\pi\). For example, the number 123456789 appears from digit number 523551502. The number 57885161, which is the exponent of the largest known Mersenne prime at the time of writing (and also the largest known prime number), appears from digit 235479412. Today’s date, Pi Day 2013 (20130314) appears from digit number 56432800. Try your birthday!

Submitted by Tom Roelandts on 14 March 2013

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