To the Guys that Stole My Car

To the guys that stole my car: I feel that your action was suboptimal with respect to building a better society. Also, breaking open a locker while a guy is in the swimming pool is not generally considered a nice thing to do. I do agree with your point of view that stealing something is quicker and easier than actually working for it. The “quicker” part might even remain true if you figure in the inevitable jail time that you guys will have to do at one point or another. However, less clear is how you will gain peace of mind, since stealing stuff, especially if you see it as a full-time professional activity, must unavoidably mean that you have to live with an elevated stress level. Even if you are relatively smart, which you probably are, judging from the effective way in which you nicked my stuff, you will almost certainly get caught at some point. Not that this will get me back my car, of course, since this will undoubtedly happen long after you’ve sold it to some poor unsuspecting soul. But anyway, the constant threat of seeing your current, possibly luxurious, lifestyle abruptly ended when the law finally catches up with you, must not be conductive towards gaining a state of inner calmness and tranquility. For this reason, I think you should at least consider seeking alternative sources of income.

[update] The Antwerp police has found my car back! Kudos, guys!


I appreciate your way of exhorting the law breakers. Your words speak more about your personality and your concern for a better society. Those guys have the wrong notion that you've got the stuff for nothing but they are utterly ignorant of the price they are paying psychologically and mentally. It is in addition to the fact that sooner or later they finally land in jails.

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Submitted on 4 October 2012