in 2014

This article is a wrap-up of what happened on in 2014.

Of the new articles from 2014, How to Create a Simple Low-Pass Filter was by far the most popular, together with its siblings on high-pass and band-pass and band-reject filters. These articles seems to fill a real need. I’m currently working on a tool that allows interactively creating these kinds of filters, to add to the tools page. Stay tuned!

Although being more niche oriented, Do Not Ignore the ASTRA Toolbox! also did quite well, especially after being selected for Writing Clinic at DailyBlogTips.

Older articles that are still going strong are How to Ensure that Visitors Always See Cached Pages in Drupal 7, Earth-Moon System to Scale, and The Looming Effect. The Drupal-cache article will probably stay relevant until quite some time after Drupal 8 is released, an event that I am truly looking forward to.

Another fun fact is that there was a big spike of traffic to The Looming Effect after a report on a completely different kind of looming effect that went viral on the web, as I describe in Why Did this Image Cause a Traffic Spike on

On the commercial side of things, Impulse Response is now fully operational. My first projects were for the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) and for Antwerp Space (still ongoing). Some results of the work for the BIRA-IASB are in the article Meteor Detection for BRAMS Using Only the Time Signal, and in my article for the proceedings [pdf] of the International Meteor Conference (IMC) in Giron, France. The project for Antwerp Space is proprietary work on their IBB product.

I’m ready for whatever 2015 will bring…


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Submitted on 29 December 2014