in 2013

This article is a wrap-up of what happened on in 2013.

How to Ensure that Visitors Always See Cached Pages in Drupal 7 was the most popular article. It was posted in January, and seems to fill a real need in the Drupal community. It also has the most comments, which I think indicates that at least some of you are really working with the information that the article provides.

Earth-Moon System to Scale also got lots of hits, both from Google and from being mentioned on reddit.

There were quite some reactions to the satirical Astrology For Teh Win!, published on 1 April, including a (manually entered) comment from an Indian astrology site (don’t worry, my comment links are nofollow). This article was also removed from the Google+ Space Community at first by a moderator (for which he later apologized, I might add), since they get loads of articles there about astrology from people that really mean it. So the April Fools’ joke worked!

In signal and image processing, both the PSF articles (including the wacky pinholes) and the square wave articles worked well. People seem to like audio fragments and animations in particular, so I will try to keep including these in the future for signal and image processing related stuff. Somewhat more ignored than I would have liked was How to Record a Lion in a Concert Hall. I was really happy with it when I wrote it, but it has not received much traffic.

An addition to the site that may be more important to me than to you as my reader is the Hire Me page. Of course, I hope that some of you are actually looking for commercial help with your signal or image processing stuff, so that you will go there and hire me through Impulse Response, the consultancy company that I’ve founded in 2013.

I’m looking forward to what 2014 might bring…


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Submitted on 30 December 2013