in 2015

This article is a wrap-up of what happened on in 2015.

On the article front, 2015 was a bit of a slow year for I didn’t stick to my normal rhythm of adding a new post every two weeks. However, much of my available blogging time was spent on working on my tools. In 2015, I’ve added both a Filter Designer and a Tomography Demo.

The Filter Designer is a tool that allows creating windowed-sinc and moving-average filters. It provides a practical complement to my growing list of articles on filters, such as How to Create a Simple Low-Pass Filter, How to Create a Simple High-Pass Filter, How to Create Simple Band-Pass and Band-Reject Filters, and The Moving Average as a Filter. These articles remain very popular.

The Tomography Demo illustrates the principles of tomography, as outlined in my series of articles on tomography. For this tool, I’ve implemented a (simulated) tomographical scan and reconstruction in JavaScript.

Popular articles in 2015 were the already mentioned filter design ones, together with articles such as How Does Amplitude Modulation Work?, How Does Frequency Modulation Work?, The SIRT Algorithm, and Earth-Moon System to Scale. Note that most visitors of these articles arrive through search engines or through direct access, and that the inclusion of some of them in the list of Popular Articles in the sidebar of the site only very slightly increases their popularity.

I wish you all the best for 2016!


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Submitted on 4 January 2016