Formulas Ahead!

Showing mathematical formulas on the web is not straightforward, as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) does not contain built-in commands to typeset mathematics. Although MathML (Mathematical Markup Language) was designed to be an extension of the standard markup language for mathematics, it is not yet supported by all browsers, so it’s not quite ready for prime time! So we are stuck with… read more

Submitted on 6 April 2011

Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography is arguably the most simple form of photography. Instead of using an actual lens, a simple hole is all that is needed. All rays of light from the scene pass through this hole, forming an inverted image inside of the camera. Pinhole photos are blurry, but this is somewhat compensated by their depth of field being practically unlimited. I use... read more

Submitted on 30 March 2011

Miffed Entrance LightPhoto Page

Miffed Entrance Light

This is the green entrance light of the harbour of Emmeloord, The Netherlands. The harbour, part of the Schokland UNESCO World Heritage site, is actually surrounded by meadows since the draining of the Zuiderzee. read more

Setting Sun in ZaworyPhoto Page

Setting Sun in Zawory

The setting sun in Zawory, Poland. This photo was taken six years after the previous one; the fact that both were taken somewhere in Poland is simply a coincidence. read more


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