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2020 was a really quiet year on this blog, with a grand total of four articles posted… I’ve been working full-time (and sometimes a bit more) in my consulting business, and the time to write blog posts often eluded me…

Instead of going over the most popular posts of the last year, like I usually do in these overview posts, I’ve decided to show some more analytics data (I did this before in in 2016; female visitors are now at 24%, so there’s some progress…). The table below shows the top ten countries where my readers come from (these numbers are from the “Users” field in Google Analytics).

 United States 27.9%
 India 9.5%
 United Kingdom 6.4%
 Germany 6.3%
 China 4.6%
 Canada 3.4%
 France 2.6%
 The Netherlands 2.1%
 Australia 2.1%
 South Korea 1.9%

My home country of Belgium is at place 19 with 1.1% of readers. In total, I had visitors from 153 different countries in 2020!

The following table shows which browsers you, my readers, use, still according to Google Analytics.

Chrome 62.4%
Safari 12.5%
Firefox 12.1%
Edge 5.9%
Others 7.1%

Google Chrome is clearly dominating the browser market…

Anyway, I would like to wish you the best for 2021! Below is the greeting card that we sent (in paper form) to our friends and family.

2021, a new hope.2021, a new hope.

As a totally unrelated encore, that is only here to make sure that this article becomes a complete hodgepodge (it was still only a partial hodgepodge after suddenly switching from analytics to our greeting card), I have an animated Voronoi diagram with yet another definition of distance for you. This is called the Chebyshev distance (if you are curious, its definition is in What's in a Distance).

Voronoi diagram using the Chebyshev distance.Voronoi diagram using the Chebyshev distance.


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Submitted on 2 January 2021